Steve's Message for Spring 2017!

This is happening in my yard now!

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday season filled with good friends, family, good food and fun.

Although it doesn't get all that cold here - I much prefer the warm weather and all that it brings and I'm looking forward to Spring (though not my Spring allergies!).

After years of people complaining, we finally got a new Event calendar up and running. You will be able to search by show or state! I hope that you are finding it easier to find a show near you!

I am still hoping to see more fans taking and uploading show photos! So don't be shy stop me after a show and snap a pic and upload it to the website!

Twitter still gives me the jitters - but I am getting much better at Tweeting! @SteveLippia And also trying to remember to post to Instagram!

I apologize that we have not been getting out the quarterly fan newsletters with upcoming performance dates. Our newsletter guru left us, so we're still trying to work that job into someone's job description! Please do sign up for my newsletter! Click on Fans on the Home page and the sign up is on the top left hand side of the page!

As always, I appreciate all of the fans, old and new, who buy tickets and support my shows! The arts are such an important part of humanity and when times get tough economically it is usually the first thing that suffers.

Again, I hope you are having a terrific holiday season and I hope to see you at a show soon!